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Language: Cantonese

Translation: On

Classification: NA

General advertisement date: November 09, 2017

Genre: action / adventure / computer

Duration: No

Distributor: CSC Movies

In Cast:

Directed by:

Format: 2D

Square after the renunciation of the Kingdom of Sweden, Stockholmthe palace became an art museum. Dear Christian, is dedicated to the father of two who support the good cause. Market, his next exhibition at the Museum, introducing passers-by for altruism, Remind them to take altruism. However, everyone can not be satisfied with their suitability,because the stupid answer to the theft of my phone brought the Christian in a shameful situation. Justice League 2017 He was thrown into an existing crisis with the museum, when the public relations agency created an unexpected campaign for the square.

Languages: English / Swedish / Danish

Translation: English


Release date: November 23, 2017

Genre: drama

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes

Distributor: CSC Movies

Cast: Cleese Beng, Elizabeth Moss, Dominique West, Terry Notar

Directed by: Ruben Stand

Format: 2D

Direct conversations with the real story of how a small dog, Pluto, came outand struck the family. Davis, who has been fighting in many ways. For a short time, Pluto made a miraculous remedy to save the children, bringing peace and social benefits to a nine-year-old child, improving marriages and resolving the relationship between father and child. Pluto is not just a guarddog – he is guardian angel. Sometimes assistance may be possible. Sometimes our prayers respond in an unusual way. Sometimes the dog can change everything.


The Treasure 2017

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