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Genes, multi-emoji to express, but on the way to being a normal emoji. There is already a secret to open emoji smartphone world online. Now hidden in the Textopolis app the amount of space, bustling city, where all things live for your favorite emoji, hoping that it will be selected on the user’s phone. In this world, only those who face emoji – Gene except the expensive dinner emoji, are born unfiltered, and there is every explode. To determine „normal” dieAnderemojis, Gene enliststemannya,His help in time, able to code 5 and famous emoji this jailbreak breaker. She started at once epic „app venture,” everyone’s phone app had her own world, wild and fun as in the book, as they recovered from Gene. When the risks are greater on the phone, all emoji fate depends on these three friends to try to save the world, before they are removed forever.

. The Emoji Movie 2017

The Emoji Movie 2017

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