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Rust is a title that fits into many gamings most popular genres: first person action, survival and construction – all play servers for up to 300 people in a beautiful looking game world. A treat for players looking for something else.

Bouhaar big

When you launch a new game of rust, you will fall into the game of chance of a big island environment. Equipped with stone, flash and two tires, you need to think quickly how to survive the gray beasts of online players and other hazards that are surrounded.Fortunately, they offer their Stone Defense, if you start the raw materials (wood, stone, etc.) to collect.

This is a concept that they already know that they know Minecraft. When you have enough material that can be produced to collect new facilities and change your environment such as building a home, starting equipment and can save you when you die. But unlike Minecraft, it also rustes an element of immortalDayZ as human players on the server to takeEager to steeljou resources. OtherPeople can get acquaintances for their adventures, but they are equally likely to attack, rob the house (blow up the use of explosives to open the door) and leave for a certain death.
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Do not let yourself be misled by rust and construction changes; This is where the similarities end with Minecraft. The need to find shelter, freeze, eat, experience and simplicity is paramount. Plus you will have to defend the vindte ways,Create weapons and armor to fend off attacks. This is a great advantage for corrosion as it increases emphasis on conflict and survival offer more long-term appeal to those who tired quickly with Minecraft.

Rust are impressive visuals form on oomblikwanneer launch, although you will need a powerful computer to really appreciate. But despite their technical quality, the environment quickly becomes repetitive. Nemavarijacii ecology of islands such as the cross and large grasslandAnd become a rock soon difficult.

Creating new areas

The rest is still in development, but is already setting new standards in the genre. With a steady mixture of construction and operation experience, the rust is clearly significant perpendicular to Craft rolling.

Note datin this version of the number of elements can still be built is very limited, although you can expect to develop dynamically developed as a rust.


Rust Alpha 0

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