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Stoffberg live for the Great Dane, dogs with a simple reef on the life of a quiet village sheep for wool guard Linnuk and his rabid wolf pack the killer.
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To avoid disturbances, prohibited Dogge Khampa guide all music. But Bodi’s son Khampas a straight downward directs the radio station, it’s just a few guitar licks sealed his fate: rock roll Be a star to be. However, it means their ancestors congratulated gradnaslov defies, a legendary place andLonely – musician Angus Scattergood, who needs to write a new song and quickly. Be, if you can put together with a band, Angus friend of his songs, and substance Bergwolf loses plotting over their lives will be better. Be finally what you have always dreamed of being more than a big dog … rocks for more than a dog rock!


Rock Dog 2017

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