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Prototype 2 is much better than I expected. He has a strong storyline and the main character can sympathize, but more than that, the gameplay is improved in every way, so perhaps the game’s most dense sand available. Prototype 2 is a great game.

gulnyaSyarzhant James Heller, a soldier, has changed the power line. Deadly virus has hit New York, killed his family and left nothing to live, but to kill a man, whothey blame for their deaths – Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first prototype.

pratatyp2 New York Zero dibagiTergantung in the area of ​​viral infection.
There are green, which should be safe, yellow is bad and full of slums, where you can find the virus, and red, where the virus is rampant. You will do all misiigetyya area on the way to face Alex Mercer. Consuming others, Sergeant James Heller can take on their own identity and to read their memories.

Heller Esilia,make Prototype 2 is great fun – jumping, climbing and fly through the city, and the fight varied and never boring. Calls increases will require better and different tactics, to overcome enemies and bosses meet. Penetration enemy compound also pryemnymsprabuyuchy consuming and takes the form of people who are different from the views of others. the options available to improve as we move, for example, create an army in biology ingatyang Prototype2 is a game with a 18 rating for!

Gellerprytsyagvae character, with some very good speeches and often amusing during the game. Prototype 2 overall sound is very good, with some pretty awful sound effects. There are some nice graphical touches as well. New York looks sangatbaik and life is full of details that make the environment yagoperakanavchyya make navigation. Helicopters and tanks in prototype 2 looks fantastic, especially since you kinenjegi to pieces!

inGenerally, Prototype 2 is a significant improvement over the initial fun. No sesekalisaat manatonnastsiu some missions, but in general, developer Radical Entertainment has learned from their mistakes. It is one of the most enjoyable sandbox in recent years, fleshed out with an interesting history, charismatic characters and some impressive graphics. Not to be missed.


Prototype 2

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