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Digital broadcasting of programs are always PI Popolare Ristorante del dopo avvento a bigger band.

IR-to-TV ProgDVB guardare radio-sul computer stazioni ascoltare Le program. DVB-S (satellite), DVB S2, DVB-100 (cable) support, DVB-T, ATSC, la-di-O Riproduzione file IPTVAnalogic.

ProgDVB funzioni Le parent DVB DVB-S, S2, DVB T, DVB-100 Press Out of many, qualified, Aniseia of (E30S more …), and, at (E30S more …
), LifeViev FliDVB * 10moons.

di le CaratteristicheprincipaliProgDVBincludono;

– BF TimeShift

– TV canaliE Stazione radio parts of the Register.

– Support EPG, didascalie back to the foreground.

– L’interfejsa camera support bed after the pagamento.

– Support for High Zanasi television commercials, such as the codex nella versione 2 Professional)

– Help della funzione Book joy ??? (Immagine nell’immagine). (List available Professional version)

– controller interface.

2 programp funzionare appropriate manner what should be bateanEskatuDr. Ristorante dell’hardvare computer.

In this version of the Device funzioni DVB-S and S 2, DVB, DVB-T to DVB-100 qualified.

The expansion of digital program is more common form of broadband connection.

Program to watch TV, listen to the radio Christmas ProgDVB computer. 1000 media, DVB (satellite), DVB S2, DVB-100 (cable), DVB-T, ATSC, IPTV analog TV Fr. playing

ProgDVB DVB, DVB, DVB-S2 and DVB-T CSA many vendors, such as the S-work: Aniseia (E30S more …)(E30S more …), LifeViev FliDVB, 10moons.

ProgDVB main features are as follows:

– TimeShift;

– record TV and radio.

– Support EPG, banners and translations of the device into the body.

– a camera for soft Supportchannels.

– high definition television, internal / AVC support. Only available in the professional version)

– Help Book photo function – ??? (Joy Book). (Available only in version uprofesionalna)

– remote control interface.

the device;

Aniseia (E30SMore …)

In DVB-avermediaS

Azurevave (TvinHan) (HR 1027, HR 1034, HR 1041, …).

* BroadLogic 2030/1030

Grant DVB-S

Digital Everywhere FireDTV / FloppiDTV

DVBVorld the DVB-S / DVBVorldDTV (PCI solar-E) 500-Link TV878DS / DS110 / DS120, Nektorm NBS240 / NSC120

Geniatech products (DVB-S PCI satbok Digistar the TVStar, Digistar2, Digivave103G …)


Kvorld DVB S-100 compatible (vstream 🙂

LifeViev FliDVB *



Advanced DVB NEVMA






* EzezagunaSkimedia 300 DVB (not official)



/ * * / USB Box

BD.DA the B driver cards (cards with the exitibusIn) is

it also works without a card, for example, to see a player or as a broadcast client

Operating system: 7/8


ProgDVB Professional Edition v7

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