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PolaroidBird Fitcher is your regular high school student. She finds an old Polaroid camera and soon reveals her horrible secrets. The one who gets his picture with the camera will have a tragic and cruel end. The bird and her friends have to fight to survive for one more night and shut up the mood of the polaroid prophesied room before they die.

English language

Translations: Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

Total Issued Date: November 23, 2017

Genre: Horror

Working hours:not available

Distributor: TGV Pictures, Square Box Pictures

Cast: Catherine Prescott, Madeline Mad, Kathy Stevens

Directed by: Lars Kleberg

Format: 2D

Bird Fitcher high school student has no idea what dark secrets are linked to a mysterious old Polaroid camera, she stumbles, but did not take long for those who have their picture, meeting a tragic end. Polaroid is decorated in style „Rings the destination” and targets a tall bird Fitcher, who stumblesAbout Polaroid.Ptitsa soon comes up with excellent camera that faces a terrible secret room, which is not her image, she meets with a tragic and violent ending. The girl and her friends still trebaprezhiveeeen night when they participate in the mystery of the banished Polaroid before everyone is killed.

The boy woke up in his room on a snowflake night, worried and alert. I breathe calmly. It’s hard to move.
To wait. He is listening to the noise, fearing him probablynever hear a voice – a clock that sounds a slumbering Santa. The time is from five minutes to midnight. Suddenly the boy raises the roar. He draws the fog from his window and sees the most unlikely view. A sparkling black train wakes up to stand in front of his house, some of his power engine, sewing through the night sky and cautiously falling snowflakes. The boy hurts in the street, only wearing pajamas and slippers, and acquainted with a guide that seems to be waiting for him.So are you coming? asks the guide. True? asks the boy. Why, the Arctic – of course. This is Polarnaexpress! What is very is an adventure that follows a suspicious boy who makes an unusual trip to the Arctic; During this trip he goes on a journey of self-discovery, which shows that the miracle of life never disappears that they believe.


Polaroid 2017

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