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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare third-person shooter in which part of the plant vs. Zombies Game of the famous tower defenseseries.The use samecharacters, evolvingthem in 3Dgraphic scenery is beautiful, but in the end, is rather limited in terms of the number of maps and game modes.

Hordes of undead and multiplayersaethu

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare shooter as anonline pure play multiplayer PC and Xbox 360, as well as localmodena Xbox One. There are two modes basicgame, Ops and multiplayer TamandimanaYou can play as a zombie or a plant.

gyfundrefnOps park more like the original game, where the goal is to destroy hordes of zombies. Play with up to 4-opmultiplayer with people, with isashootermixed a tower defense game where you must defend your station against the undead. It looks like Android and iOS versions, which are part of your llwyddiantMae’n depending on whichplants you use to shoot;

Multiplayer shooter shapeclassic, offeringtwo different game: parks and cemeteries and the team to beat. Both games areplayed two teams of 12 at 12. First, the number of plants to defend wasgarar location map; second, the winner is, who managed to kill 50 enemies first.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Plants hasfour and classes as well as many zombies as we see in the original. All skill ostsspetsyyalnyya gytbwysac arewell character unlockable special moves have three because theylevels in the game.

You can access the main dimenu part of the store, where, unlike the mobile game, you don’thave to spend real money. Here, you can buy special abilities for your character gwahanoldosbarthiadau andupgrade.

classic shooter management withsimplified

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare revivesthe classicmechanics shooterusingadny on the same team, althoughin do that simplification can them.Characters walk (not working), or jump, shoot, useone of the three special measures, and improve the comrades die (particularly useful in the team can beat).

great layout

One of the reasons why you may find yourself playing and repeat Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare in the environment, the nature of games and color animations.

cartoon graphics in spaluchennipryyaznasts Pixar characters and a variety of special moves, providing an excellent touch and unique to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.


Darkand frightening world or ofhistoricPost-apocalyptic zombie shooter game, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: offers a unique angle, creating a mobile title cheerfulatmosphere successful adaptingit to perfection, adding a touch of originality in rathermonotonouszhanr.

diffygionPlanhigion vs Zombies: Garden Warfare in a variety of game modes and maps disappointing that, despite doing well, the fans will quickly stabbed genre. EA, however, promised early release free DLCfor Tanamanvs Zombies: Garden Warfare, with new maps and game modes.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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