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Plants vs. Zombies is a fun and simple game where you fight the undead with weapons unusual plants growing in your garden.


Plants Zombie is certainly a little different. hordes of zombies want to eat your brain and will do everything necessary to return.You will find a lot of dead zombies is not common, although players rugby, penyelamdan dancers.

Although you must estratexiaE strategy to survive, every few levels, Plants Vs. Zombie shared with mini-games like bowling,But for the walls and zombie instead of a needle. And other challenges to earn points you can use to buy new plants or improve the one you already have.

In addition to the form of the original adventure,Plants Vs. Zombie with other forms of entertainment for hours. In survival, you have to defend zombies infinitoHorda so you can prove over time, while a Zen garden, there will be time to rest and take care of your plants before you reap the benefits of being able to make your garden.

To protect yourself fromzombies, you have a lot of flowers and vegetables to choose from: flower toss, bean slow Andamusuh or mushrooms and daisies to help you catch the light to be used as currency for the new crop. All these plants will help createzombie is your first test.

Control and games

Plants vs. Zombies you control the mouse. The movement is easy to do, which helps manage mission modern.

BelajarTanaman Curve Vs. Zombie is very soft game that makes you relatively free mission first,To the point where you feel you’re quietly.
Difficult to lower gradually increase until the end of the attack hell, wavelet plan his defense completely and use resources well.


Technical,Plants Vs. Zombie is uncertain edge of the game, but pastitidak missing. Its nature is satisfied with a special design that, at some point, it really began to take care of the lives of young curious.


Undoubtedly,Plants Vs. Zombies is a fun game and you can play the computer. Large number of plants and zombies, but introduced gradually so you can avoid getting stuck in a long time.


Plants vs Zombies Game of the

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