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PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular soccer game for Windows and console. The game makes some significant improvements as compared to PES 2011, and better gameplay and graphics of the original version. PES 2012 has everything to prove. Right now it’s gone and the FIFA series, EA and there’s a reason to ask for hope to win the battle for this year’s football sims.

What changed in PES 2012?

Changes in PES 2012 are mainly centeredOkolo gameplay and teamOf play, allowing players to use a tactical possibility. Changes to PES 2012 include:

– New AI engine for more realistic experience of a team of attackers agents and defenders move in increasingly unit unity, allow players to impose new system allows replacing greshki- kishalewachezaji selecting a teammate on track Improved and more realistic collision LoGD OtherMore changes, including improved animation, more styles of players, improved lighting effects, improved deadgoma, etc.

Jinsikazi new AI system?

Always known for putting the gameplay first, many of the changes in PES 2012 are the artificial intelligence of the game. PES 2012 Pro
Students and opponents are designed to work in a concrete way and become more difficult to zaidiushindi. They focus on five main areas – overlapping running, diagonalRunning, masks, protection zone and tape marking.

New topkaTekushtata system in PES 2012 opens new opportunities and gives you more control over your team. In analog stick you can choose a player who does not play the ball and get him to move while keeping the control of the player with the ball. Management is complex and difficult to get used to, but it costs your hard because it lets you find holes or slidingWatetezinje space to create opportunities.

Defensive improvements to PES 2012 is also wonderful, with otority to make better formation when attacked. Defense feels more colorful. It is no longer enough to hold the button down, applying pressure to the attackerat ball ball. At PES 2012 you should make sure that the guard stand at the wrong place and then leave and accuracy.

Combination of improved AI attacker to avoid the possibility of theirWatetezimmoja seems easy to create opportunities in PES 2012 over previous versions, which means fewer games and scores lower than ever.

What’s new in Pro Evo 2012?

Like updating Pro EvolutionSoka, animations in PES 2012 will be even better, and some players are real. Animation is thinner and the game is very rounded, and looks more pronounced than FIFA.

The second demo of PES 2012 is not representative of the finalVersion of Konami seasoned ball, but the situation davaDobro new gameplay. You can play ten minutes, choose Tottenham Hartspur, Bayern Munich, Rangers, Club Amrika or International. You should look for a changamotokupata demonstration video training based on practical training on new controls within PES 2012.

Menuscreen setup and configuration methods in PES 2012 seem to be a more streamlined version of the original, which will be greatSince the creation of Pro Evo teams may contain izvestnoTruden process. You’ll have to wait and see the last version if you keep the simple tactical menus.


Some people say that Pro Evolution has lost its place in FIFA within the past three or nnematoleo. PES 2012 will definitely close the FIFA interval, adding however some definitions to Pro Evo’s arcade gameplay.

And a series of gameplay and AI improvements,PES 2012 is shaping up as best vhodV time series.


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