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Special Projects Management (OSP) is a complex part of NCIS and is located in Los Angeles, California. They go under cover to catch criminals who threaten national security. The band consists of G Callen, Chameleon, Sam Hanna, Callen’s friend and supervisers; Kenzie Bly, adrenaline; Marti Diks, LAPD communications, to help NCIS problems between departments; Eric Beale Nell Dzhons provides computer support and Henrietta „Hetty” Lange, operations manager, whoTidakhanyaupravlyat money and physical resources, but also the same order. They have access to the latest technological advances, and do everything necessary to get a job. Nate Getz, a psychologist who works in a mission team to help and own mental health and Dominic Veyl, is a rookie in the band. The X Files season 10 episode 19 720p DVDRip-AVC full torrent download


NCIS: Los Angeles S08E04

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