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You do not know this, but you can choose which service modifies the address that you place in your browser for IP addresses, ie, the authentic coordinates of the Internet.

This is not something most users think, but it is surprising how great it may be to change the DNS Sever. Powerful Google has recently started offering the service, so how do you know if it is better? Namebench can tell you.

Just download the file and launch it and Namebench will openuninstaller. Select whether you want to change global(such as Google DNS) and regional DNS, data source (probably Firefox), and select reference data.

If it does not matter to you – do not worry! All you really have to do is press the „Start Benchmark” button and start up Namebench. Testimony will take some time before it will work when you work. Results will appear in the default browser as tables and tables. They are not important,If you are interested in details, but may be incomprehensible to the visitor. Fortunately, at the top of the page I will tell youvery much whether you use the fastest available service.

Namebench is a neat little app that solves a problem that people can not know. Hamachi 2 2 x86 torrent
However, it does not help if you want to change your DNS server after the test. You were alone.

Use Namebench to see if you get the fastest service – you can dramatically speed up your Internet experience!


Possibilityconfigure and share your results online

See DNS server versions and new names in HTML output (mouseover)

Graphical interface has been updated

Fast/ slow speed control switch

New database access (updated Alexa, cache miss, cache hit, cache mix)

Direct import of pda files generated by tcpdump and wireshark.

Verification of the diversity of OARC ports was considered

Updatedserver list

Updated library (dnspython, jinja2)



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