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Thunderbird is an email client desktop alternative to Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird programmers.

Thunderbird is an award-winning solutions and free Mozilla mail for efficient management. And the many benefits of switching to it. Unlike Mail, for example, he can handle virtual identities and create on-the-Fly, and to meet many consider one of the best spam filters out there. Recently, it has been updated with serviceAngsleek tabbed email management easier.

the fact that like Firefox, Mozilla Firefox bolehmengukuhkan all kinds of connections are very competitive to make the mail client. It is faster and more stable than ever before, Chrome Engine 5.


Mozilla provides Thunderbird effortlessly. You can quickly mengimportmel and contacts from Outlook or Mail account and set up POP3, IMAP or SMTP ublic report. To be well organized, MozillaAlokfilter Thunderbird to send mail into separate folders and inboxes. And of course, there are built checks to ensure that your mail is profesionaldibuat.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird slightly more unusual is the fact that it has integrated RSS reader. Today, it is a little outdated because many people use their own request – or Firefox itself – track RSS channel, but it can be just as korisnoakountukmail and follow RSS feeds at the same hours on making the mail.

e-mail search

Search tool Thunderbird is excellent and meant to happen in real time as you type. Search results are displayed in a separate tab. tabsecara generally most Thunderbird groups such as Firefox, you can have several messages open in separate tabs. This is a great feature of Thunderbird although does not have too mucha temptation to open emails at once. Archive is another useful feature itopara people tidakmahu delete the message, but we want to free up space on your Nanboku.

So, what about security? You might think that a mail client open source code itself would be more secure than the one who pays, but Thunderbird is surprisingly secure with insufficient ditembusipenapis spam. The reason is that Firefox is updatedregular and is made up of volunteers whose primary interest is the product better than sabenepisyo end proizvoda.bezbednosne updated regularly, but small, so it does not slow down Thunderbird.
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exchange support

satutitik biggest seller Mozilla Thunderbird is that it offers Microsoft Exchange support, which means that it will appeal to business users who previously discounted.

On the other hand, the application does not havesome tricks in some areas. No Firefoxmasih email views like in Gmail Conversation style (although the connection is full TomoGnai downloaded separately) and not a lot of options for managing attachments and photos. It also has a calendar, but again, it can be downloaded separately in the form of „Lightning”.

In general, Thunderbirdadalah great free alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

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Keselamatantelah update issue causing occasional katiwaliansa a local folder after filtration is now fixed (815012)

Things draft cut is stored in IMAP folders while in offline mode are set (805626)


Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

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  • Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 Download Torrent
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