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MacOS High Sierra offers new promising technologies and advanced features for Mac. The new centric technology makes your Mac more reliable, more efficient and responsive and sets the stage for future innovations. MacOS High Sierra as wellImproves the features and applications you use every day. Its MacOS is still not at its highest level.

VMware Unlocker for all versions of VMware – VMware 10 and higher, or VMware 11 or higher.


System Requirements:

0. Download VMvare Unlocker (Supplied)

1.Intel processor with virtualization hardware support

2.1 GB of RAM (2 GB or more recommended)

3. VinRar, 7-Zip or analog

4. VMvare or VMvare Plaier workstation of the current version (can work on previous versions of the program) Description: Installed VMware with MacOS. Do not forgetto work with the machine before you start. Download it as an administrator of VMware Unlocker. Required resolutionThe screen must be automatically set according to the settings of the computer that runs the virtual machine. Other parameters (number of processor sirens, memory, etc.) Must be selectedaccording to your equipment.

Before we start, we look at the compatibility of the equipment with this program.


ADMINISTRATIVE ADMINISTRATOR PASSVORD: 123 To start the machine, the processor must support virtualization and virtualization and deactivate it via the BIOS. RecommendedSeda launches VMvare Plaier to reduce brakes. Warning! Use the VMware Workstation instead of the VMware Player to properly and completely configure your device. Warning! This image is intended for use with the 14th version of VMware Vorkstation. Warning! Applications for OS Xs that they require3D acceleration (OpenGL) is impossible due to the lack of required drivers. The video player that plays videos in this collection is Movist, and in others only audio without image. How to Boot (Command) (Windows) To change the keyboard layout, set to + Space If it appearserrors, read the information below the spoiler. The error occurs when OS X runs on VMware Vorkstation. You can find the iMessage Start Guide here ()

Method of installation

1. Install VMware Vorkstation 14 or VMvare Plaier. Unpack MacOS in high Sierra

2. Place the patchas an administrator from the VMware Unlocker archive (see the section titled in the title).

3. OpenMacOS high file over-open

4. Set up a virtual machine for your hardware.

5. Let’s start

Adjust the screen resolution

1. In the settings of the virtual machine, set the AutoPlay option or handle itand display the desired resolution.

2. Launch Mac OS. The „System Setting Parameters” section will display the appropriate license.

3. Instead of paragraph 2, you can select the item that is best for the monitor in the system setup monitor.

Connect USB devices

1. Download and unpack the archive

Yeahset file


For users in the System / Libraries / Ektensions / folder. Next, Kekt utility, you must restore the rights to the extension files.

2. In the virtual machine settings in the Control Panel, USB, you must install USB compatibility


3. Then try to connectdevice

For more information, visit the information

Mac OS High Sierra Information:

Iear of release: 2017

Version: (17A365)

Developer Apple Inc.

AppleInc developer website

Platform: Intel with support (can be run on ALL), AMD has an instruction for the FKS series

Language: multilingual





MacOS High Sierra 10

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