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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Heroes fans can all that they want. Travel stories are the latest title in the comic book world and have a perfect balance between a small yellow figure is fun.

Construction and Deconstruktionsabenteuer

The main way of Inle Marvel Super Heroes story mode, which is well known to players in traditional Lego games. Berenitxitako transfer situations, even very wide and vorPuzzles loosening and killing enemies. You can also pick up and other impurities,By the way, then you will be able to enjoy a few surprises.

Break through this door „) or very visible IndikatorenWie spider-man spider meaning.

In spite of the simplicity, the game is very addictive, each stage is very bizarrely scenarios and completely devoid of access to design resources.

He wonders the heroes remain faithful to their origin

Lego Marvel Super Heroes the most successful, as the kudeatzenmarrazki traveler Tales fictional characterAnyPass the essence of each Puppe form. Each superpower each character successfully demonstrates that they are very similar to comic book heroes and again are very well suited to the typical mechanics of these games.

For example, LasterVersa Hulkcan Bruce Banner and bends, and its devastating force is above average; Spider-Man has ways to get back, and the fight will be apart from Widow gisaBlack, „Organizer” and that may be cansolvepuzzles.

Of course, allThese powers of Lego’sgreat show a sense of humor, but a sense of humor that is friendly to the characteristics of every character in comics and movies.

Impressive, but less than before

MotorraLego game graphics shows its age. What seemed a few years ago, is now limited to just striking. But rather a puzzle game for all the ages you have?

The miracles of the data are not only well designed for his strength, but also their physical similarity to the original It is remarkable. PhysicallyLarger characters such as the villain Galactus and The Sandman, offering the most spectacular moments of the Marvel superheroes batzukLego.

It was a way to rebuild New York, it is also worth mentioning, and the work is like an open world scenario. If you ever go through the city’s skyscrapers, buildings and famous places, all of which are naturally transformed into Lego style, you can see some.

The sound of these guys doing a good job, duplicating more than acceptable,And that’s a miracle stable theme with composite soundtrack movies (I still enjoy tying Lego games, though) with.

First class fun

Travel stories have done it again: you have to take a very popular franchise and turn it into Lego, as the result of the game is extremely enjoyable to manage.

Agiandago Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is not very complicated, but Marvel respect, humor and great variety of character and level that is perfect for entertainment,EgalWas controls your age or ability.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1

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