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If you are Ready or just want to get an idea of ​​what all the ebook tips are, Amazon’s Kindle for PC, you can experience it from the computer.

Installation is simple, and it automatically synchronizes your Kindle and will be paired with any Kindle files you placed on your computer. If you have notes and settings reader Kindle, they will be transferred to the PC browser. The interface is clean and very simple. There is a „Home” button, which determines your library that can be orderedBy caption, author,or most recent.

You can also buy ebooks on Amazon, although it will open a browser – no application in our own Kindle store. Double-click the book and make it. You can see that you created bookmarks and notes and create a new bookmark (but not notes, etc.). There is a slider to change the number of words by line, and you can change the font size to make it match. You can change the font size. Control is simple, using the mouse keyboard.

aDisadvantage teacher reader is that your monitor is probably not as easyto read as the Kindle screen. For this reason, scandalously, the program has no special text delivery on its eye, and controls contrast and clarity. What you can not highlight or add notes, make it a bit too basic.

Amazon’s Kindle for PC – it’s functional program for reading electronic books, but it has features and features that are really zrobytyChudovyy application.


Use the built-in dictionaryTo effortlessly search for definitions of English words without interrupting your reading.

In default mode,read in a column or use a larger screen view of multiple columns that automatically adjust the screen size.

Choose whether you want to see your library in tile view or list view.


Kindle 1.20

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