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FMRTE 17 for Windows


A lot of FMRTE many options, some of which

Change player

Almost everything can be edited by any player. Hair / skin color, features, relationships, clubs for registration, contracts,

clubs means

Clubs can not mean for Finance (Including, loan), color kits, stadiums, teams of participants and reputation, relationships,

Changing the game

You always give your team some extra points?

With plasmanEdit meet competitionFMRTE, colors, and reputation.

Powerful search filter

FMRTE include criteria powerful and fast, like to personalize the search bodbosibl. Makes it easy to find what you want, when you want.

mass Mik

So, you need to edit a group of players / teams / staff, but you do not want to do it one by one? Our Mass Edit feature, combined with our strong FILTER, gallwchi do it with only a few clicks!


FMRTEvam which governs transfers of players. you kanbeverkAny information transferred in the future, such as the transfer date, the amount, the players are transferred,


FMRTE v 17

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