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DFX Audio Enhancer provides your digital music files more than wake up and improves your music listening experience by improving the sound sound quality of the music played on your computer, whether you own or listen to music files on music online.

Incredible claims

Developers say that DFX AudioEnhancer, you can turn your PC audio into expensive stereo systems „is set in a perfectly designed listening environment.”

It seems that DFX AudioEnhanceryn works in different services, from music and video sites such as YouTube, Pandora and Netflix, as well as music services such as iTunes, Spotify, VLC, QuickTime, and others. more media players. Tux Paint 0 torrent download

The old interface appears so far

There is no other way to say this – it does not appear that the DFX Audio Enhancer is eating. He has a type of „control center” which seems popular in early 2000 and looks great today.

When you see DFX Audio Enhancer Back,you have failed to see that the slider does not work in this free version. There are only different options, such as Fidelity and Hyperbass, that you can enable or disable.

Not a magic solution

In fact, however, it seems that DFX Audio Enhancer adds more than one small body to your music. In this way, it allows you to control stereo depth, renew the depth of stereo, expand your audio level and make a deep and rich sound.

You can also maximize full media playersor by adjusting audio options on your computer, but many users appreciate the extra convenience of its control through one interface.


DFX Audio Enhancer

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