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Clean Master for PC – a popular application for optimizing Windows from Android. It removes unwanted files from the system and restores hard disk space. This application is very effective, user-friendly and configurable for all types of users.

Optimize and clean your PC to stay healthy

ProgramClean Master for PC improves your computer from unnecessary files. The analysis takes place very quickly and after completing a report about all removable files, divided by type: audio / video, browser and system cache, unwanted files from third partiesAdvices (up to 500), social garbage, wrong keysRegistry, and many others.

You can analyze the details of each of these elements and determine which specific files are locking your computer.

From the „My” menu, you can set „Pure Wizard” to start when you open Windows. You can also enable alerts that indicate when a file is inUnwillingness exceeds a certain amount (100, 300, 500, 800 or 1 GB).

Finally, Clean Master for the PC can also be integrated into the context menu of the Recycle Bin (with the „Trash” option) so that you can immediately directly scan your computer from there.

Usefulness The maximum and beautiful design

The Clean Master for the PC hasA clear and flexible interface, as well as a modern design that improves content. Easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

When the analysis is completed, you will be given two ways to delete the unwanted files: You can click the „Clean Now” button to delete allUnnecessary files that are displayed, or you can delete individual files if you are only interested in certain categories.

After the cleanup is completed, the „Clean Master” displays a bar graph showing the amount of found locations in each category.

Completely clean PC

The Clean Master for PC is fantasticSmall software for cleaning and care of windows with correction.

This is a really powerful alternative to CCleaner, and despite its less sophisticated features, it is definitely much faster and more useful.

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Clean Master for PC 2014

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