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If you have ever dreamed of taking control of your own bus, then check the bus driver.

The bus driver is an amazingly fun simulator where your job is to transport passengers around the city environment. Your mission is to stick toGraphics will affect traffic and make sure that you do not upset or passengers. Google Earth Pro 7 Download Free Torrent The bus driver should be all about realism. However, there is no such game there is no dabaina There are five different levels of abilities, as well as a bonus of untukmematuhi the traffic rules, you get and your schedule,Stick and so on.

Various areas of five buses, 30 routes, and set at different times of the day in different weather conditions driving a large urban environment. Buses go to the school bus bus driver, bus tours, sightseeing bus tours and even a bus for transportationPrisoners, as there are different types. The driver osoaBus neighborhood drive becomes an even more realistic artificial intelligence system „learns” driving darikebiasaan kindness.

Vector Graphics and the gameplay is pretty simple, and a little yellow can get boring sometimes, but any,Who is a fan of the bus or driving Sims in general, the bus driver is a lot of fun.


Bus Driver 1

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