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1980 from watching action movies, you will discover that direction. Big stage, big explosions, and direct action. This is the basis of experience Broforce. In this era of cinema and led a group of action heroes, each with its own „Bro” in his name, to defeat the terrorists and fight to save the world.


There are currently 19 Bros all the films Rambo, Terminator, Robocop, inspired and armed mwishobateraMr heroes. Anderbro (Matrix) and Brochete (Machete), you can drum their way prazroznyya level. Level assigned to the jungle and the urban landscape, but uses the time to destroy everything around you.

Broforcedifferent types of enemies, simple machines of the soldiers, managers, mini-guns, different nuts Bros, each with different weapons and abilities that you use to defeat them.
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Different Brosinaruhusu many multiplayer duzulakoBros save them to open each step.

Steam Broforce Shooting is available, itIt is incomplete, and the game is still in the stage raspratsovki.Geta also means that there are a few glitches in the game, split error and action. Although it does not break the experience, it could lead to some confusion when the game crashes desktop.

bureMaisha constantlyreleases updates when new content is available. Available modes of multiplayer fun, but due to lack of stability, even if the developer is open to view.

work in progress

So Broforce shooting sport, it is prone to accidents and errors. single companygenerally stable, aleOsts problems that can cause the game to crash to desktop.

They tikucheza games are used as a controller for the keyboard because the steps to get very intense, to the point where you would prefer to move a few guns and explosions.

itlarge company and the first passage, Bros it takes to open a lot of them back, but it’s worth it. Every time Bro saving catch, they prefer to attack and skills you have random Bro.

Broforcevipengele online multiplayer modes, but many still chasuznahoditstsain alpha and not fully. With the game works best local co-op.

The introduction of 16-bit and leherketakguztiak

Broforce uses graphics 16-bit style. Symbols and levels of the game, by using a combination of colored blocks. It also allows ton of actionwill appear on the screen.

wahusikaWao supported by a special design for the player, and the frame rate is generally very soft. Charging may take a few extra seconds in the beginning, but once the game will never be loaded.

Audiojokoangavorka goes on foot. onIndeed, perhaps the music, if you are hitting you forget everything you’ve seen, but it provides the best support for each stage. Each level of the sound effects is excellent, I lahakama all special sounds. explosions, on the other hand, are among the best in any sport.

freelife former star of the school steps to create a package that combines voice.

It is at the beginning

Early access to a lot of people are not ready to play a lot of games. Broforce different. Even at this early stage, the core of the game is already ajabu.Free Life, to add more content to solve problems,how Broforce only better.

How strong is the single player and the multiplayer looks like he is going to improve a lot before the official release.

If you like the ‚movies’ 80s action, you have to play Broforce.


Broforce Early Access

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