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Genre: Racing, Simulation, early access

Developer: BeamNG

Publisher: BeamNG

Publication Date May 29, 2015

about the game

It is very addictive game that offers almost unlimited possibilities. Our physics engine to simulate the soft body of each of the sasakyanay means in real time, providing a realistic dynamic behavior. driving feel is real and the interior and accidents is realisticand fast; However, physics dostupnymnogo enough hard keyboard or a true and uncompromising gamepadWciążfull wheel racing cars handmade with special attention to detail. Through careful planning, research and experience, we update the feel and excitement of real world small groups from around the world, without obligation or external publisherinteres. Our first priority is our users and modding community. Help us optimizirovatezditand find out what is open and soft ciałemSymulator vehicles can be a game for you? In an open world simulator vehicles kaloobanmasakop a wide range of disciplines vehicles – everything from supply missions in the car for the rally boxing quick race or a demolition derby. Adaptation and details of vehicles will allow to equip a car or truck – repair, modernization or cut panelBodyweight loss. tammnogo different types of games that we want to implement the race and failures, such as harassment by the police, as well as other problems MiniGame trick. Finally, we would like to have some sort of open regime races in single-player mode, with constant proprietary arimga vehicle and built by the methods used vehicles to buy and put them in some ways, to do what you want from theA car or truck – the other game does not allow objects. mozheteidti the family sedan or wagon, to ihagissa perimeter of the race, all have good simulation of the physics of soft bodies. You can change both samochodyByć animal breed, bowler or off-roadowymi hippopotamus – or just blow their stock. At the end of the day provides gameplay that you want, and do not make you do anything you do not think is funny or in the futureatinglaro and the physics engine. optimize our game and improve tehnologiikompyuter. The number of vehicles that can be simulated simultaneously increasing smooth frame. Now you can work with 4 to 6 cars at the same time an advanced courtyard inside.The each vehicle has około400 4000 nodes and beams, all simulated 2,000 times per second. We hope that in the future will expand the number of available vehiclesin parallel with at least 8 in the middle range, to be able to use the multiplayer, but it may take some vremyaprezhde than we can create a total experience that we expect. We are aware of the need for multiplayer, and we want the same as you, but in the short term, to focus on a single player career mode, a variety of events with kaugnayansa driving error correction iTworzenie morecontent. It is possible that we can implement the local and / or multi-user capabilities of your computer beyond terrain vehicles. nashegosoobschestva users have already made planes and helicopters, which will fly exclusively with the prevailing winds Fix, without any fraud. WWE 2K17 RePack x86 x64 Torrent BeamNG can simulate the aircraft in a very real way, thanks to its soft body physics. All flexible, going to the plane of the actualaircraft, appears naturalin BeamNG, and the consequence of excessive stress sąRównież modeled. Fly too fast, and wings begin to bend and rip off. Potential access Beamngfunktsii physics engine, all future updates are included free of charge (alpha, beta), including the final version of the game soft Physics19 detailed, customizable, damage to vehicles, with more than 10 areas to explore and more going to comefrequent updates adding ATVs, features, gameplay and bug fixes Full ability to create mods and content – creating MAPI sasakyanat the game script with built-in redaktorai any 3D-modeling, editing, graphics and text editing software to automatically authenticate needs to be updated; The game itself does not require an Internet connection to tagasubokmga users who tried the alpha through our website, you can get freeSteamNiez goals is our main objective is to move objects, and do not look at the screen. Our goal is to pass on their knowledge of physics, physics of soft real-timeat design modelimyagkaya doCzołówce game physics modeling, information sharing technology and know-how, such a wide audience. To achieve this goal, we design the engine and associated resources to become independent from the main game engine and the physicalngayonengine action began in the configuration of multi-core processors, but we are also in the process of GPU advance by the mission of a realistic, accurate, and prone to destructive physics worldwide. For information on the feedback, there mozhetbyćZnajdziesz: UsYou you can contact us by ilangmga way to use our forum: e-mail: or / * * / Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our YouTube channel : visit ourFacebook page:

System requirements

Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 Service 1Procesor update: Intel Desktop i3Memory 4GB RAMGraphicsGTX 550 TIDirectX: Version 11Storage: 5 GB of free space

Recommended: Operating system: Windows 10 BitProcessor 64: Leading Intel i5 / i7 or topAMD 6 Main class or lepszyMemory RAMGraphics GTX 8GB 780DirectX: Version 11Storage: 5 GB of free miejscaAdditional Notes: Recommended Gamepad game


BeamNG drive v0

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