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BST 28/07/2015

06/23/2015 Store Release






Batman: Arkham Arkham For the award-winning trilogy horse

Rocksteady Studios until the end of time bold. developed

Gen new platform, Batman: Arkham Knight as Rocksteady

Uniquely designed version of the Batmobile. In the highly anticipated

The legend in the vehicle, in addition to the famous game

ArkhamSeries story, it’s the endgame, and sempurnayang offered,

Batman experience on the streets after their prey, and he will come with more than

skyline of Gotham City as a whole. Was this explosion,

Batman faces the threat that he had come to town

This means that to protect Gotham Books united against criminals

Batman and destroyed forever

And Batman – Batman Dark Knight in full use as Mass

Rocksteady Arkham into the final chapter of the trilogy.player

World first fietConsimile handienadetektibe

kemasukanBatmobile and signature facial enhancement

The stealth Freeflow Combat, forensic and Navigation

Introducing the Batmobile – the Batmobile to life

Features original design, and a new, different visual appea

Ignorance, and the entire board of high-tech gadgets. designed for

traveled fully capable of change, and the world through him,

gradubello study to rush to the army, which

and sit in the legendary game designshape of the vehicle, and it is not pasiboabihotza

pemainseret away, and streets in an incredible speed, then start

Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals,

The Epic is the result of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy – Batman: Arkham

Thousands of war Gotham City, it creates everything. In the run-struck, and fights

Batman: Arkham Asylum, which intensified the deadly conspiracy

Instead, put on the table Batman: Arkham City, the highest

Gotham published lastmany futurum.Nabu

discrimination bezalaArkham City joined Knight

Batman character was benarbaru now

Harley will be a large number of other heinous crimes, which together with Quinn

Penguin, Riddler and Two-Face


Or the image of a mountain -burne

Limited game

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