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Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year + Prey to Joker Dark DLC

Issue date: March 26, 2010

Category / Tags: Action, Stealth, Brawler, Third person, 3D

Developers: Rocksteady Studios

Author: Eidos Interactive

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Password User Rating: 96% of user reviews are positive (based on Rev.9.448 reviews)

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian

Languages: English, German, Spanish,Italian, French, Russian

Crack: Built-in (SKiDROW + Patch)

Minimum conditions:

Operating system: Vista / XP

Processor: 3Ghz Intel or AMD or Dual Core


Video card: PCI Express SM3 NVIDIA 6600 / ATI 1300


HDD space: 8 GB

WARNING! The minimum size of the ship is GB, read the parts of the charging product for details.

Display Image – If you do not see the screen hide screen hide – Close your ad


Batman Key: ArkhamHe returns with a new asylum game, with 4 challenging challenges. The extra challenge is Crime Alley; Scary Nightmare All Extreme and Night Hunt (Both Insane Night Map).

Characteristics of the game

Use the unbalanced Combat System unleveraged battlefield to help fight fun with a large team. In a fight and discover the best of the best in the world to solve the latest court tools, including X-scan scanning, fingerprint scan, Amido Black spray andpheromone tracker faces Gothams chisloJoker Big, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc This light can not be seen by Batman without fear of takedowns and a unique comfortable position and hunting enemies. Learn how to collect, descend from the sky and pass through the walls. For all sizes, free on Archham Asylum and Xa island, such as Batman, BATARANGS, Aerosol Gel Explosives, Batclaw, sonar resonator and launch online unlock to unlock more hidden world challengesFill and develop, and personalize oborudvaneOpinni points Enjoy the superhero’s full pleasure environment using the pistols of Garmin Batmans, you can see anywhere, jump to any height and glide in any direction.

Pack function

SaobshtenieISO (7,729,086,464 bytes) No Localization Russia (PS3), Joker DLC (PS3) and Previews of DLC of Darkness (PS3 / X360) rise – thanks to machine4578 and other members of the Crashfix Scarecrow community installed for Russian versionVersion installed in some cases, in some cases it’s your problem – Set all GFX settings to be kept less, up to date and reset. Crack will replace PROPHET-RELOADED SKiDROW modifiers playing DOLKS console; There is no need for GfW Live 100% MD5 loss. Perfect: all files are like original files without installation; then, re-encoded Nothing to download for the selected functions – downloading and installing language requires smaller file archivesYou can skip the compulsory per-accumulated GB for each language: ~ 30 minutes and 8 holes; ~ 45 minutes4 CPU;

Optional download

You can skip download packages for packages you no longer need. Here is a list of selected files:

For example, if you want to open the game, the German interface / subtitles / Voice – Delete all selected files, but download the main file (01-06).

If you run after crash or general protection

CurrentUninstall your NVIDIA PhysX and reinstall it from the beginning.
Outlast 2 CODEX

Installation problems?

Read this troubleshooting guide


Batman: Arkham Asylum GotY Edition

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