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Ashampoo Burning Studio is free, as the name suggests, a tool used for CD-minutes-minute DVD burning and Blu-ray. You can get a set of files on your disk options or create a custom video or music CD-s. There are several other side as well, as disk images for membuatbackup well. Best of all, it’s free.

burning rubber

ostavyampoluchi this out of the way: Ashampoo Burning Studio Free inappropriate. Although we can not compare with the advanced features of the other,it geslaagdom DVD fills with data for less than a minute. Obviously, this is somewhat depending on your machine, and especially CD-DVD devices you use to burn, but little or no overhead on Software Defined a good thing.

It is not enough to burn data to disc, mozheteMozhete to do some other things. Your DVD-Video or CD-to-minute music kananfungsi. You can also backup CD or DVD, as well as encryption, can if that suits your fancyor behoeften.U you can not back up your operating system in this way, but it’s a bit much to expect from the software but the operating system by yourself certainly can backup files and folders, and for most, this is what is most important.

of otkritovsichko, you can erase rewritable discs, if you need to do this, or if you plan to reuse them. You can membuatimej disk, making the entire contentdisk file. This is great for fans of the old uitgevoerdin Linux CD into a virtual machine, for example. Basically, all the functions of a regular CD / DVD you need to run this software.

From time to time, the task

VPO principle, Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is a well-oiled machine when it comes to almost all kinds of requirements on fire. It also has some other features that are useful. But it contains Realizing every piece of software made or brokenthe interface should only semudahIa. In this case, Ashampoo Burning Studio is not perfect, but it’s more than good enough.

When they burn a CD or DVD, tape napredakae right, and give you all the information relevant to anyone except perhaps a new disc quality tests provided (In this case, the industry standard software is much easier than burning studio!).

all set

Viewed separately or combined with other products Ashampoo Ashampoo Burning StudioFree is a great product, not to mention the price. Elise individuals looking CDmembakar music collection or get one just bought, or small businesses looking for better software distribution to employees or customers, it is worth considering, as their tool of choice.


Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE 1

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