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I do not know what you want your programs to be the reason for? The reasons for the program are that the dressing room is a simple program that makes it possible to open.

Request dressing room is very convenient, those who want to restrict our children and their parents using your computer and the Father just as there is no progress so reaching others. It is not limited to Exe files, so you can use it to close the control panel, which is a shame. But this easyzatvoridaMay be Firefox, Internet Explorer, Restringendumpenitus Approach.

Security program is not a dressing room, and it can open one that open unlocked frozen programs. However, if you install on your computer with administrator privileges and set administrator can only be useful, it will be effective.

A default so that users can not be I have to do it, it is certain that with the application of what he did the trick. This is done using a PDF that dovolnoneinformativni!To include an application in the list, only postuloesthe name EXE file and it is difficult, but it can not be expected to add applications.

Consciousness of security, easy to keep Locker application is a program of the terminal.


AppLocker 1.3

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