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Adblock Pro is a software that blocks and removes ads, posters and ads while browsing the Internet with Google Chrome. It’s best and can be configured the way you want.

Say goodbyeAnd ads on site pages and social networks

Adblock Pro removes ads from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail and other web pages. To do this, using the basic system in 13 listings can be used in all (including Italy). From the beginning with the DipoñibleOr a full filter filter for your language.

Adblock Pro allows you to create a white list, due to ads that may set certain ads. For more users it can create custom filter.


Adblock icon Pro is near the bar. One click menu you can:

During testing, Adblock Pro exports ads, banner ads and web pages. For Facebook, for example, placing ads on columns, while YouTube proved to be invalid ads in the video. Ultimately, the goal will not mess you at the momentViewed. The only flaw is its use of RAM, which is slightly higher.


Adblock Pro is recommended for nutrients to avoid annoying ads while browsing the web. Install with AllPensa, considering that the default settings are complete.


Adblock Pro Chrome 3

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